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Xiaomi New Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Electronic Mosquito Repellent Mouse Spider Cockroach Portable Insect Killer

Xiaomi New Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Electronic Mosquito Repellent Mouse Spider Cockroach Portable Insect Killer

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Plug type
Brand Name:MIUI
Origin:CN (Origin)
Model Number::light Electronic Mosquito
Repellent Type::Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
model name::Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent
Feature 1::mosquito killer
Feature 2::Ultrasonic Mosquito Killer
Feature 3::Electric Mosquito Killer

Xiaomi Ultrasonic Repellent Sleep Night Light Electronic Mosquito Repellent Mice Spider Cockroach Insecticide Insects Pest Contro

A notice:

This product is made by Xiaomi cooperation brand, shipping without Xiaomi packaging and there is no Xiaomi logo on the product.

Thanks for your understanding.

Note: This product is only available in European and American specifications, other specifications are equipped with the corresponding conversion head. Please ignore purchasing if you mind.


1. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent night light uses mirrored sound waves to produce sound. The sound hole is located on the back of the product and uses the principle of preventing sound wave reflection to form a mirror sound wave. It allows sound waves to propagate better and has the effect of reducing noise.
2. We upgraded to adopt a smaller and thinner ceramic sound wave board and use the principle of mirror sound to increase the repellent effect by 50%, so there is basically no noise, mosquito repellent, and affects sleep not.
3. We are not ordinary night lights. The light source of the ordinary night light is bright and the diffuse light source is large, which prevents the body's pineal gland from secreting melatonin. This is one of the most important factors in ensuring people's sleep quality. The mito ultrasonic mosquito repellent night light uses 56 lamp beads in the entire lamp, and the ultra-low diffusion <120° light source arrangement does not disturb sleep.
4. Automatic lighting management system. During the day the lights are turned off and at night the lights are automatically turned off. Don't save more than 1 kwh per month for environmental protection


Plug in the power supply, the indicator lamp is on and the product is in standby state.
Press the power button once to enter the first gear mode, ultrasonic insect repellent + night light turns on and the indicator lamp is warm white;
Press the power switch twice to enter the second gear mode, turn off the night light and only the ultrasonic insect repellent works, and the indicator lamp turns green.
Press the power button for the third time to shut down.

Product parameters

Product Name: Ultrasonic Insect Repellent Night Light
Rated voltage: 90V ~ 220V
Rated Frequency: 50/60hz
Power: ≤ 1w

Package list:

1x light

1x charger

1x adapter

1x box

Special note

1. The effective range is 30 square meters (excluding wall obstruction.) If it is for family use, it is recommended to have one for each room.
2. no effect on people and pets. Please do not worry
3. Repellent insects, mosquitoes, mites and mice are very effective. If you are not satisfied with the effect of use, free return and refund

4. The product is based on China version and added Eatra EU dadpter. Pls note before payment.

Why choose our mouse repeller

My ultrasonic mosquito repellent night light uses a frequency conversion design, which contains the frequency that mosquitoes, mites, mice and other small insects are offended. It is multifunctional. The frequency changes every second. In addition, the indicator light is a breathing cycle every 40 seconds (using light waves to enhance the driving effect). But every type of small animal has different sensitivity to sound waves. All different animals have different repellent effects. Some products are only used to repel mosquitoes, some are only used to remove mites, some are only used to repel mice, and some are used in the night light market. Now our one product can fulfill all functions!

Sound mosquito protection, sleep night light

Intelligent frequency conversion, extremely low diffusion sleep light, mute, do not disturb sleep, radial sound, light sensitive night light, simple design style

Frequency conversion co-integrated ultrasound, radial reflection, continuous change of sound wave frequency, mosquitoes cannot adapt

Physical mosquito repellent, no radiation, no noise, no need to worry about health problems when repelling

Two functional modes, a new definition of mosquito protection

With 56 low diffusion LED lights, warm white light, does not disturb sleep

Surround sound, no radiation, no noise

Light sensitive night light, no manual operation required

Automatically adjust the switch of the light according to the brightness of the ambient light

One button switch, compact appearance, suitable for different rooms and places

Voltage overload protection, smart chip, less than one kilowatt per month

Precision ultra-thin ceramic acoustic wave plate, safe and stable

Three colors can be selected, fashionable design

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